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In today’s world, many people have crooked teeth. It is found not just in adults but kids also these days. People with misaligned teeth shouldn’t feel bad as the Best orthodontist in Noida can help straighten them. The perfectly aligned teeth from the Dental clinic in Noida are unique and add charm and personality to the smile..

So, if you too are unhappy with your crooked teeth, it’s time to visit the Top dental clinic in Noida which can help with crooked teeth treatment. Also, an imperfection in teeth alignment can cause speech problems, health issues, etc. thus, urging people for the need to make their teeth aligned.

Causes of the Misaligned Teeth

Be it your baby teeth or permanent teeth, both can grow misaligned or can become misaligned. In some cases, the misalignment of baby teeth is because they don’t get enough gum space to get fit into. Other reasons can be genetic and heredity issues. Some other causes include:

Size of jaw

Today’s modern diet contains more processed and soft food. They need less chewing and this change in the food cycle is responsible for altering the overall size of the jaw making our jaws today, smaller. This evolution of shorter jaws is one of the reasons behind the misaligned, crowded, or crooked teeth as per many dentists.

Misaligned jaw or malocclusion

Underbite and overbite are one reason for common teeth misalignments. Poor myofunctional habits can also lead to malocclusion issues.

Poor myofunctional practice

Myofunctional habits are people’s repetitive behaviours that affect the functions of the muscles of the face or mouth. It covers the following:

• Pacifier or bottle use • Mouth breathing • Thumb sucking • Tongue thrusting

Poor nutrition and poor oral care

Poor nutrition can cause tooth decay, inadequate teeth development, and misaligned teeth, which is very common among kids not consume enough good nutritional diets.People who do not visit the Best dental clinic in Noida at least once a year can develop multiple problems in their mouth without even knowing it.

Crooked Teeth Treatment

You can get crooked teeth treated via orthodontic or surgical ways. The best option available for crooked teeth treatment is braces. The teeth-straightening surgery is another great option which is also lesser time-consuming. When it comes to the types of braces then metal braces are one option that is permanently attached to the teeth with the help of bands, flexible wire, and brackets. These days the most preferred and efficient option remains the invisible braces. Ideal for both kids and adults, the Invisible aligners specialist in Noida makes the process seamless for you as they get fixed all over the teeth, are similar to a mouth guard, and are also easy to remove. Lingual and ceramic braces are also options available but today, people usually opt for Invisalign braces that are visually transparent and give a look as if you are without braces.

The Bottom Line

Crooked teeth are experienced by adults, teens, and kids and can hamper your confidence in the long run. To get your treatment today, visit Denjtex- the top orthodontist in Noida, and get your appointment booked today to know more.


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