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Human teeth face different kinds of problems including crooked or crowded teeth, overbites, under bites, teeth that have large gaps, etc. Some of these problems are of major concern and need timely treatment to prevent problems in the future. Though, most of them have one common solution which is Braces..

Nothing can be compared to the smile you wear and a good smile can help boost your confidence when everything around you feels better. .

As technology has evolved, so have braces and orthodontia, giving us the option to choose from a variety of braces depending upon an individual’s lifestyle and health needs. Modern braces come in many kinds: from the traditional distinctly visible metal braces to the latest Invisalign which are clear and convenient plastic aligners. They all come in different price ranges and offer different comfort levels. Let's take a look at the top 5 braces type as discussed by the Top dental clinic in South Delhi .

Metal Braces

The most traditional and common type of braces makes use of metal brackets affixed to your teeth and connected via metal archwires. When you’re wearing metal braces, you'll need to visit your orthodontist regularly for adjustments and to maintain the right amount of pressure.

Ceramic Braces

These are almost like metal braces in terms of appearance and results, and the major the difference is the brackets and sometimes even wires in ceramic braces are clear or tooth-colored, giving them the ‘ceramic’ feel. Ceramic braces are aesthetically better looking because they are less noticeable as compared to their metallic counterparts. Because of the light colour, they can stain easily, so you need to be extra careful with ceramic braces and even tend to break easily, requiring you to visit your dentist or orthodontist more frequently for repairs.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces are braces behind the teeth that make the perfect option for self-conscious people about wearing metal braces. They are invisible to the outside world and offer complete discretion and customization according to the patient's specific needs. They are even more efficient and versatile in some cases. They can be a bit uncomfortable and take a long to adjust.

Self-Ligating Braces

These are also like traditional metal braces and they don’t use elastic ligatures to connect the archwires. Instead, a self-ligating slide mechanism puts constant pressure on the teeth to help move the teeth in the desired direction. Also, these self-ligating braces don’t have elastic ties and come with a built-in system of brackets or clips that hold the archwires in place. They even require less-frequent adjustments, unlike metal braces. With them you'll have lesser visits to the orthodontist and get easier cleaning experiences with lesser discomfort.


Invisalign orthodontic treatment has become quite popular lately and the braces here use clear tray aligners based on molds of your mouth and are manufactured by Invisalign itself. Made by Invisalign’s own blend of plastic, they are strong and solid, and they put pressure on the teeth and help them move slowly in a specific direction. After thoroughly examining your oral health and your smile, the Invisible aligners specialist in South Delhi will take impressions of your mouth and send them to Invisalign. Not only that, these clear aligner braces can be removed for some time daily for easy eating, brushing, and flossing.

What Kind of Braces Would Suit You Best?

The Best orthodontist in South Delhi after examining your mouth for dental problems will be able to determine the type of braces that would fit you best. They will also take into consideration your comfort level and your budget.

If you have minor straightening issues, Invisalign is an ideal choice, but whatever you choose, in the end, the choice is yours. Get in touch with today and improve your oral health to get the desirable beautiful smile for you.


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