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Myth- Root Canal Treatment is painful !!

A root canal is a treatment to remove bacteria from the infected root canal of the tooth and prevent it from further infection. Once the infected pulp is removed, the inside of the tooth is carefully disinfected, cleaned and then a filling is placed to seal the space. This treatment saves the natural tooth.

Though it a simple procedure yet many patients are terrified at the thought of having a root canal treatment. It’s no wonder they feel that way, given the stories of excruciating pain that so many people have experienced in earlier days.

Fear of Pain is the main reason why people hesitate to go to the dentist. However, these days with the help of Modern technology and new techniques dentists are more efficient at administering anaesthesia with no discomfort in numbing the tooth and performing root canal treatments which makes the treatment painless.

Nowadays, Rotary Endodontics, apex locator and computerised X-ray (RVG) helps the dentist to finish the root canal treatment in single sitting with minimal discomfort and in shorter period of time reassuring patient for a comfortable and relaxed treatment.

Dr. Surabhi Gupta
Associate Endodontic Consultant,


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