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Orthodontics: An Insight

Orthodontic treatment is truly a miraculous treatment as it completely changes a person’s facial appearance and more specifically the smile. It boosts the inner self confidence and fosters a positive psychological impact on the patient’s mind. Orthodontic Treatment is believed to be just undertaken for esthetic purposes but it also corrects the functionality of the oral cavity and the Temporo-Mandibular Joint.

It was believed that Orthodontic Treatment is only for children and young adults, but owing to the developments in the field of Orthodontics and increased awareness amongst the public, the treatment now can be undertaken until any age. Orthodontic Treatment has evolved over a period of time from banding of all teeth to stainless steel metal brackets which further evolved to ceramic brackets and finally to self-ligating brackets. Now, a complete invisible system of Orthodontics has been developed which is called as the Clear Aligners, it is aesthetic and is not visible to naked eye until 3 meters of distance.

With the development of Clear Aligners in the field of Orthodontics, the patient’s compliance towards the treatment has increased multi fold as it is much more comfortable, extremely aesthetic and does not prohibit from eating the patient’s favourite food. Despite of any type of Orthodontic appliance taken, Orthodontic treatment magically corrects the smile into a happy healthy smile.

Dr. Akshita Agarwal
Associate Aligners Orthodontist


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